For Sale Vintage Roofrack for 911 and 912!!! Fits on all 911 upto the 964!!! Westfalia!!!

For sale Westfalia style wood slat roofrack for Porsche 911 912 from the early 901 from 65 all the way to the 964!!!! perfect when you go to trackdays or on long holidays!!!


we have 2 of these Custom Made Westfalia Style Wood Slat Roof Racks availabe! kobus@vwispwest.com


(The PORSCHE 912 in this photo is also FOR SALE!!!)


This Awesome 912 could be yours!!! It's been in storrage since 1995!!! comes with full history and has only been painted ever on the outside! a real California Survivor! Grand Prix White Classic 912, built in 1969 it's the last year of the 912 in the old body style and the only one with the longer wheelbase and slightly flaired fenders!

If you want it just email me and i'll fill you in on the details!

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Is this roof rack for sale? What is the price?

Gepost door: sam cox | 29-05-09

very nice vintage model!

Gepost door: Vinnie | 15-12-10


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